About Us at Twenty 12 Flooring.com Ltd

In 2009, when Chris and his colleagues at Bridgend’s Allied Carpets discovered they were about to be made redundant, they were devastated. As expert carpet fitters, there wasn’t much they didn’t know about the business, and Chris realised that he wasn’t prepared to walk away from the work that he loved along with his 20 years of expertise and experience. With a young family to support, he and his wife Michelle had no alternative but to pick up the pieces and move forward. So, with little more than their van, a determination to succeed and bucket full of optimism, they set up 2012 Flooring. Back then, one of their principle aims was to try to keep the old team of fitters together (and gainfully employed).

Although he didn’t know it at the time, twenty years of listening to customers while he was fitting their carpets had equipped Chris with priceless market research. Consequently he’d developed plenty of great ideas about improving the process of buying flooring. Suddenly he found himself in the unique position of being able to integrate these ideas into his new business.

Customers had often told Chris that they found carpet stores overwhelming places, with a bewildering range of products and confusing layout. On the other hand, buying their flooring online, with no opportunity first evaluate the quality and colour of the product, was a risk most were reluctant to take.

The solution? The best of both worlds. With Twenty 12 Flooring, customers can first narrow down their preferences from the company’s website. Chris will then take suitable samples to their homes for them to see them next to their own furniture, colour schemes and lighting. And there’s never a hint of sales pressure because that goes against everything that Twenty 12 Flooring stands for. Chris and his team are carpet fitters, not salesmen. They want their keen pricing, excellent standard of service and great reputation to be the only reasons people have for choosing them. For Chris, Michelle and the team, their good reputation is worth more than any sale, and their business model is driven by Michelle’s ‘three Ps’ work ethic – professional, polite and punctual.

Selecting your flooring from Twenty 12 Flooring is easy, but after that … it gets even easier! The team will move your furniture, lift your current flooring, fit around cupboards, lay your new flooring efficiently and tidy up after themselves. It’s as simple as that.

When they started Twenty 12 Flooring in 2009, Chris and Michelle wanted to create something fresh and new in the marketplace. They set out to turn the process of buying new flooring a pleasure rather than a pain. Six years on, their consistently positive customer feedback would suggest that they’ve succeeded.

And what about those ex-colleagues from Allied Carpets? Well this is one story with a happy ending because Chris relies on their expertise daily to help him deliver the excellent service associated with Twenty 12 Flooring.